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Differences Between Minivans and SUVs For Growing Families

If you have a growing family and are considering upgrading shortly, there are a few things you need to remember when comparing SUVs and minivans. They usually carry about the same number of people, but then they start to shift. 

Sliding Doors

SUVs will all have the standard opening door that opens out and requires your passengers to climb in on either the left or right side. These are the only door options, even if they have a third row in the SUV. With minivans, most models have large sliding doors on one or both sides that open up and make it easy for your passengers to get to the middle of the third row. 

Height Difference

A minivan is usually lower to the ground than a car or sedan. This is considered to be easier than most SUVs, which sit several inches higher. If you have tall family members, a low-riding minivan could pose a problem, or a family full of shorter individuals may not find a tall SUV ideal. 

Fuel Efficiency

If you’re considering your gas bill when you purchase your next vehicle, you might want to opt for a minivan. They get better fuel efficiency because they are equipped with smaller motors than some of the larger SUVs. This can give you the space you need and help you with the expenses required to care for your family. 

Cargo Space

If you have to haul as much sporting equipment, groceries, and other items as you do kids, you may want to compare the cargo spaces between minivans and SUVs. SUVs with a third row have to sacrifice cargo space, whereas minivans have three rows and room to carry around precious cargo.

If you’re in the Colorado Springs, CO, area and considering getting a new auto insurance policy, contact our team at Westco Insurance LLC today for your quote. 

Is Commercial Insurance Necessary For Online Business?

Protecting your business online is an important issue for any business with a digital footprint. Our expert team at Westco Insurance LLC is committed to providing the residents in and around the Colorado Springs, CO area with the best products and services. Let us work with you to help you get the peace of mind you need. 

The Protection of Online Commercial Insurance

On the subject of web-based companies, one may wonder if insurance for commercial purposes is necessary for entrepreneurs. Although virtual operations represent an excellent opportunity for expansion and impact, many require commercial insurance protection when we consider the risks involved. With policies covering cybersecurity losses, data breaches, and even lawsuits, commercial insurance companies protect online businesses from financial blows after the setbacks of cyber threats. 

Commercial insurance in the form of cyber liability insurance encompasses comprehensive protection against data breaches that come at exorbitant costs, while general liability insurance will protect businesses against lawsuits that have their source in advertising injury or product liability claims. Not only does recognizing the necessity for a commercial insurance shield for online companies continue to indicate a sense of economic responsibility, but it also shows that you care about the business’s long-term success. In an era when the digital landscape continues unfolding and risks remain abounding, cyber insurance becomes the ultimate and wise choice for a modern-thinking businessperson. 

Commercial Insurance Near Colorado Springs, CO

Don’t risk threats and liability associated with operating online. Get the guidance and support you need to find the right insurance policy for your needs. Our team at Westco Insurance LLC is standing by to answer your questions and walk you through the process of finding the right policy. Please call or stop by today to get more details. 

Are Your Liability Risks Increasing?

The Colorado Springs, CO, area is a terrific place to call home. There are plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, and the scenery is exceptional. However, if you are a homeowner in the area, you may not be aware that your liability risks may increase.

Westco Insurance LLC wants you to be aware of the potential growing liability risks you may be facing.


Dogs, especially larger dogs and breeds that may be considered aggressive could increase your risk of a liability claim. If you own or are considering adding a dog to your family, ensure your home insurance company is aware.

Attractive Nuisances

An attractive nuisance is a feature of your property that could attract unwanted visitors and potentially create liability issues. These include playground-style swings and equipment, pools, outdoor hot tubs, and trampolines. Trampolines, for example, can be such a danger that many companies will not offer home insurance for property owners who have them.

Growing Number of Visitors

The odds are that more people will enter your property. These may include modern conveniences like grocery and dinner delivery services. A slip and fall or a trip that causes an injury can be costly.

Lawn Care

As more homeowners discover the value of having a lawn care service take care of their yards, they may not realize their liability risks are increasing. Uneven areas, holes in your yard, or even debris could cause an injury for which you may be held responsible.

Get a Home Insurance Review Today

If you own a home in Colorado Springs, CO, or the area, we encourage you to contact us at Westco Insurance LLC for a homeowners’ insurance review. We’ll examine your liability coverage to ensure you are properly covered for today’s circumstances. Contact us for your no-cost, no-obligation insurance review and price quote today.

Flexibility of Owning Whole Life Insurance

One of the reasons more families in the Colorado Springs, CO, area are choosing Westco Insurance LLC is that they know they can get answers. They can get answers to simple, straightforward, and complex questions. Many questions relate to the difference between term insurance and whole life or permanent insurance.

Whole life insurance provides lifelong coverage and frequently builds value. This provides one of the most significant advantages of whole life insurance: flexibility.

Because permanent insurance builds cash value, it can be used to secure a low-interest loan against its value in the future. The cash value can be used to make premium payments should you experience lean times in the future. A whole life insurance policy can even be cashed in at some future date to help you through a challenge or take advantage of an opportunity. Some even use the cash-building feature of a permanent life insurance policy to use as a savings account, perhaps helping with college costs.

Your policy accumulates value all the time and provides valuable life insurance protection. A whole life insurance policy may also have other flexible benefits, like a premium waiver, accidental death benefit, guaranteed insurability, and more.

Before choosing life insurance programs based on price alone, learn more about the benefits and flexibility of whole life insurance.

Contact Us for a Quote Today

To learn more about term and whole life insurance and to get a quote for each to compare, contact Westco Insurance LLC of Colorado Springs, CO. We can show you the differences after you answer just a few questions. Contact us today and get the peace of mind you deserve with life insurance from Westco Insurance LLC.

Why Does the Type of Car I Drive Dictate My Auto Insurance Rate?

If you’re a Colorado Springs, CO resident and you’re in the market for a new car or truck, you’ve probably got something specific in mind. If you’re trying to keep your insurance rates as low as possible, you may want to avoid certain vehicles that are known for having higher auto insurance rates. Many people fail to understand why the type of car you drive dictates your auto insurance rate. Here is an overview that provides an answer. 

How Much is Your Car Worth?

The more expensive a car or truck is, the higher your insurance rates will be for that particular vehicle. Why? A car or truck with a higher worth will obviously cost more to replace or repair if damaged or destroyed. This is why insurance companies charge more to cover more valuable vehicles, because if your car were to sustain damage, the payout would likely be much higher.

Additional Reasons for a Higher Rate

The worth of your car isn’t the only thing that determines your auto insurance rate. Some other aspects that insurance agencies take into consideration are whether your vehicle model is frequently stolen and what your vehicle’s level of performance is, such as top speed, level of acceleration, and more. 

As you can see, there isn’t a single reason why the type of car you drive dictates your auto insurance rate. If you’re seeking a new auto insurance provider in the Colorado Springs, CO, area, Westco Insurance LLC is accepting new customers. We pride ourselves on providing the best coverage possible for our customers, and we try to keep our rates affordable. Contact us today for a quote, and we’ll gladly welcome you to the Westco Insurance LLC family. 

What is the value of having commercial transportation insurance?

The Colorado Springs, CO area has continued to grow over the past decade. While this has been a great place to live and own a home, it has also been a smart place to own a business. When you are looking to buy a business here, various assets also need to be acquired. This could include purchasing a commercial vehicle. When this occurs, you also need to get commercial transportation insurance. This coverage offers various forms of value. 

Protection for Vehicle

A top reason to have a commercial transportation insurance plan is to protect your vehicle. When you choose to purchase a vehicle, you will be making a large investment that you will want to pay off in the future. Full commercial transportation insurance will give you the coverage you need to repair or replace the commercial vehicle if it is damaged or stolen. 

Reduce Commercial Liability Risks

It is also important to have commercial transportation insurance to reduce your liability risks. If an accident involves your commercial vehicle when it is on the road, you can be held liable. If the vehicle is in the name of your business, this could be a significant risk. With this insurance, you will have support to manage the risk. 

If you are a business owner in the Colorado Springs, CO, area, you will want to know that your assets are covered. If you have any commercial vehicles, this will also mean having a full commercial transportation insurance plan. As you are looking for this coverage, our team with Westco Insurance LLC will be able to help. Our guidance from Westco Insurance LLC can help ensure you know all of your options and can build a quality plan. 

Risk Management Beyond the Policy: Home Insurance and Disaster Preparedness

Understanding that home insurance isn’t just about policies—it’s about proactive risk management and disaster preparedness is key. While insurance coverage forms a crucial safety net, being prepared for potential disasters goes beyond what a policy can offer. At Westco Insurance LLC, serving Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding areas, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners strengthen their preparedness efforts.

  1. Assess Local Risks: Understand the specific natural threats prevalent in your specific area, such as wildfires, hailstorms, and occasional flooding. Customize your coverage to protect against these potential hazards.

  2. Tailor Coverage Solutions: Create personalized coverage plans to safeguard your home. Ensure your insurance adequately addresses risks like fire, flood, and other potential dangers specific to your property.

  3. Invest in Risk Reduction: Allocate resources to mitigate potential risks. Consider measures like tree trimming, fire-resistant roofing, and reinforcing structures against storms to minimize vulnerabilities.

  4. Develop an Emergency Plan: Craft a comprehensive emergency strategy for your family. Identify evacuation routes and establish emergency kits and communication protocols for efficient disaster response.

  5. Regular Policy Check-ups: Periodically review your insurance policy to keep it updated. Life changes, renovations, or property updates may necessitate adjustments for optimal coverage.

  6. Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date on local weather patterns, disaster preparedness tips, and regulation changes. This knowledge empowers informed decisions in managing risks to your home.

Let’s take proactive steps to protect our homes against potential risks. Collaborate with Westco Insurance LLC, serving the Colorado Springs, CO region, customizing your protection, investing in mitigation, and crafting a robust emergency plan. Stay informed and engaged in the community, and regularly review your policy to ensure it aligns with your evolving needs. Together, let’s safeguard what matters most—your home and family. Prepare today for a secure tomorrow.

Term or Whole Life Insurance – Which One is Best for your Needs?

When shopping for a life insurance plan, you must first consider which one is right for you. There are so many that you can choose from. However, the most common ones people tend to go for are term and whole life insurance. Our insurance professionals at Westco Insurance LLC, serving Colorado Springs, CO, are here to help you choose which life insurance plan is best for your needs.

Term Life is Best if You Need Insurance for a Short Period

If you only need life insurance for a short period, term life insurance might fit your situation. The costs are typically much lower than other insurance plans and are easier to understand. Term life insurance is usually necessary if you have young, minor children. It normally ends when your children are grown. However, unlike most policies, term life doesn’t come with any wealth-building investments or the ability to save on taxes. Plans usually last between 10–30 years.

Whole Life Insurance Provides Plenty of Benefits

While term life insurance has many benefits, so does whole life or permanent life insurance. Unlink term life, it doesn’t expire as long as you keep making the premiums. It provides some cash value as well as a death benefit. Whole life insurance does come with other benefits, such as the ability to withdraw from your policy for financial needs. This makes this plan more flexible than a term life plan. 

However, the two plans are more expensive. Also, if you have any outstanding loans, this could reduce your death benefit. But if you’re looking for a life insurance policy that’ll be good for the rest of your life, a whole life policy might be a good option.

Contact our Office Today

Trying to decide if a term or whole life policy is best for you could be challenging. But we can make things easier for you. Contact our office at Westco Insurance LLC to find the right plan just for you.

Should I make a police report if I am in an auto accident in Colorado Springs, CO?

Colorado law does not require you to report every accident to the authorities. If there is no injury or property damage, there is no legal requirement to report. However, it may be better to have an official anyway. At Westco Insurance LLC, we understand how stressful it can be to be in an accident. We want to help our Colorado Springs, CO clients so they know what to do to protect themselves.

You May Not Realize You’re Injured

Being involved in a crash can cause you to get an adrenaline rush. You may not even realize you are feeling pain until long after you leave the scene of the accident. Stay at the scene and get a report so you have the other driver’s information. Then, get a medical evaluation as soon as possible to make sure.

Sometimes, People Are Dishonest About What Happened

Even if you believed that there were no injuries or damages, the other party involved may decide to blame you for injuries or damages that already existed. By calling out an officer to make a report, you can keep the story from changing.

When the officer makes a report, it will include information about the drivers, the vehicles, the weather conditions, how the crash happened, and anything else that is relevant. Don’t depend entirely on the officer, either. Take pictures and collect the names and numbers of the other drivers and witnesses.

Even people with the best intentions may get their stories wrong if they don’t document an accident immediately. Time passes, and it’s easy to forget things. If you have questions or want to discuss your auto insurance policy, please call Westco Insurance LLC in Colorado Springs, CO today.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Suppose you own a business in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, CO. In that case, you will want to protect it in any way possible, including having an adequate amount of commercial insurance. Our agents at Westco Insurance LLC offer various types of insurance, including commercial insurance, to residents and businesses in the Colorado Springs, CO area.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Also known as business insurance, commercial insurance is a type of insurance policy created to help protect your business and assets from various risks and liabilities. Listed below are some common types of commercial insurance coverage.

Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

General Liability Insurance

This type of coverage protects your business if someone claims bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury, such as slander or libel, from your company. This coverage option can also help you cover legal defense costs in one of these types of cases.

Commercial Property Insurance

This is significant since it will help you recoup any losses your business experiences from theft, natural disasters, vandalism, or fires. It will cover your inventory and building as well as equipment and furniture.

Commercial Auto Insurance

In the state of Colorado, it is required that all drivers have at least an auto liability in place. If your business owns vehicles used for business purposes, you must have a commercial auto insurance policy in case of an accident.

Other Types of Commercial Insurance

Other types of commercial insurance include workers’ compensation, professional liability, product liability, cyber liability, business interruption insurance, and others.

Call Westco Insurance LLC Today!

Our agents at Westco Insurance LLC, serving the Colorado Springs, CO area, can assist you with all of your insurance needs and create a commercial insurance policy that works best for you and your business. Call today to get your policy started!

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