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Why Does the Type of Car I Drive Dictate My Auto Insurance Rate?

If you’re a Colorado Springs, CO resident and you’re in the market for a new car or truck, you’ve probably got something specific in mind. If you’re trying to keep your insurance rates as low as possible, you may want to avoid certain vehicles that are known for having higher auto insurance rates. Many people fail to understand why the type of car you drive dictates your auto insurance rate. Here is an overview that provides an answer. 

How Much is Your Car Worth?

The more expensive a car or truck is, the higher your insurance rates will be for that particular vehicle. Why? A car or truck with a higher worth will obviously cost more to replace or repair if damaged or destroyed. This is why insurance companies charge more to cover more valuable vehicles, because if your car were to sustain damage, the payout would likely be much higher.

Additional Reasons for a Higher Rate

The worth of your car isn’t the only thing that determines your auto insurance rate. Some other aspects that insurance agencies take into consideration are whether your vehicle model is frequently stolen and what your vehicle’s level of performance is, such as top speed, level of acceleration, and more. 

As you can see, there isn’t a single reason why the type of car you drive dictates your auto insurance rate. If you’re seeking a new auto insurance provider in the Colorado Springs, CO, area, Westco Insurance LLC is accepting new customers. We pride ourselves on providing the best coverage possible for our customers, and we try to keep our rates affordable. Contact us today for a quote, and we’ll gladly welcome you to the Westco Insurance LLC family. 

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